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Why somebody use payment no PayPal?

Firstly, maybe someone prefers to use Google Checkout, while others like to use Paypal. We always adapt to the customers needs. You can ask any questions at any time for answers. We will try our best to help you.

  Secondly, you should be ready to wait for some time, if you use Paypal as your wow gold payment method. Because Paypal should give you your wow gold or cheap wow accounts after they received your money. And our team should check the security of your payment. And sometimes, telephone call is carried to confirm and make delivery. Unlike Moneybookers or other companies, which give you world of warcraft gold first, no matter whether they have got your payment. The difference makes some players fed up with Paypal payment.

  But as one of our big cooperator, Paypal is also a secure way for you to pay for cheap wow gold at our website. Feel free to choose your preferred payment method. Enjoy pay your order with no Paypal.