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The Best Burst Of All Rogue Specs

We, at, are specialized, professional and reliable website for wow accounts. We supply fast and cheapest wow gold to our loyal and reliable customers.It is ironic combat now has the best burst of all rogue specs. Unfortunately the damage goes down dramatically when your killing spree hits more than one target. Blade flurry helps to a degree but you still lose half of your poison damages. Killing Spree is also very unreliable against moving targets about wow gold. Say you pop blade flurry then killing spree a hunter and his pet, the hunter disengages, you pretty much waste the entire killing spree on his pet. I really see this as rogues premier 2v2 spec to get cheap WoW Gold. You burst with killing spree + trick of trade + engineering trinket and your healers nukes; if the target does not die you get behind pillars and play the gouge/shiv keep away game until it comes back up again. I do not know if it has enough survivability/mobility for 3v3 or 5v5 about wow gold, but I can see it working in the right comp as well.

You will probably need a warlock who can draw aggro (come 3.1, a destruction/demo hybrid should be very hard to kill yet a world of burst if left alone), and your killing spree is the nuke to finish people off to get cheap WoW Gold. Tried AR/prep and I still do not like it. Hemo just does not do enough damage even with AR up, and your survivability outside of stuns is actually worse than mutilate/prep (deadened nerve + quick recovery makes a big difference). Mobility is not that much better than mutilate/prep either. Mutilate/prep is probably still the most well-rounded spec, but I just do not believe it can compete with the top dogs about wow gold. The peak potential of this spec is probably behind us and will never be reached again.If you want to buy cheap wow gold, come here and we won’t make you disappointed. With the lowest price and fast delivery speed, you will have a lot fun in wow game.