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More And More WoW Gold for Game

In the WoW, you have to get more and more WoW Gold for your characters.

When I got bored and went to farm gold at Tyrs hand for possibly a respec for mutilate just to mix things up a little, Fodus, a warlock who beat me 20-2 last time we dueled (1.10), came out of nowhere and dotted me up about WoW Gold. COS vanish and basically no caster can kill me in open PVP unless they one shot me, but instead of retreating, I opened on him right away, without PVP trinket / renataki equipped, in farming gear, with no cripple poison, that is how seriously I take casters those days to get Cheap WoW Gold (and someone whom before this patch I knew I could not defeat).

He seduced me and did the classic dot dot run away. In 1.12 I would run up to him only to eat a coil in the face and basically die before it ran out. Here I just prep COS right as I entered coil range, and gave him a corpse run about WoW Gold. Quite honestly, a top warlock did not have to try to beat non-Undead rogues with proper succubus positioning, and even Undead rogues can be beaten easily with instant succubus re-summon and enough stamina, soullink and health stone also makes it trivial. That is not the way game should be balanced about Cheapest WoW Gold.

If I was mutilate, I would have been the one with the corpse run for sure. It is situations like these that really makes it so hard to ditch COS and play a less powerful spec that is possibly more enjoyable to play. Server was coming down and I already hearthed back to IF, but Fodus asked for a rematch so I flew back to Eastern Plagueland, he is affliction specced with instant fear, I did not even have to do any of the blind warlock kill succubus type of strategies, I just killed him in 7 seconds with COS + renataki. Of course, Fodus said at 70 it would be different, and I do agree, however, until then, let me enjoy being scissor for one patch, thank you to get Cheap WoW Gold in our store.