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The Safest Warcraft Online Store

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As a combination of the economic crisis, stiffer measures by Blizzard Entertainment and the race to the bottom by chinese WoW Gold suppliers, the total amount of real money that wow players spend on gold is now decreasing. And it has been decreasing for a while. When people have less real money to spend, and there is a bigger chance that Blizzard will ban them for spending it, it is not a surprise. But the real culprit is still the chinese suppliers. For some reason the most obnoxious and notoric sellers try to price dump, spam and do false advertising on the speed of deliveries all the time. You also can get some other news and information and buy wow gold from us.


This creates a situation in which serious vendors have to compete with fake ads of "Instant Delivery, Millions in Stock on All Realms". Also the point of having customer support is lost. As of now, people that buy gold usually has to wait for it. Even if "Instant Delivery" was advertised. And the reason they bought was the "instant delivery" in the first place. And since everybody advertise that, choosing not to claim instant delivery would be choosing to lose a lot of customers.
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