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Personal Arena Rating Service

We here at are just as excited about Season 8 as our customers. In preparation for Season 8 we have searched high and low for some of the top arena players throughout the country to reach the new painful rating requirements.

With the new personal rating requirements for almost every S8 arena gear, including the Furious and Relentless Gladiator's gear, this season will be the most difficult and competitive of them all. Our elite arena players have been studying around the clock, dueling, watching videos, and training to give you the best possible WOW Arena service, and with that, we are now ready to offer our customers the WOW PvP Arena Personal Rating service!

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Our arena players(2500+ rating) will bring you extremely awesome power for your toons

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Important Information for our Customers

As trained as our teams are there are things to take into account for our success in the ever increasing competitive WoW arena, and they are as follows:

  • Scheduling: when your account is being serviced our gamers can not be booted off, this causes confusion, important games to be lost, and frustration for our arena pro gamers. Remember receives many orders for our arena service and our time servicing your account is just as important to us as it is to you.
  • Respecs: in order to accomplish these massive rating requirements our gamers can not be hindered in the arena by competing in a PvP world with a PvE spec. We ask that you the customer supply the gold for necessary respecs that may be needed.
  • Partner: A skilled partner is by far the biggest factor in deciding how well one can do in arena. Although we have numerous Gladiator players at our disposal, it is still extremely difficult to achieve higher ratings when the partner is not skilled enough. That being said, if your order needs our arena gamer to find a partner to play with it will depend on what the server has to offer in terms of people looking for partners, class and skill. The majority of good players on a server already have a steady partner across the last 5 seasons and more than likely are not looking for a new one. This problem can be the cause of many setbacks, and as such we can only get as good of a rating as the partner allows.
  • Gear: Skill can only take your character so far, your toon's gear needs to be competitive as well or it will hold progress back. Just to give an example, most teams in a battlegroup nowadays from 1400 and above have their BG pvp weapons & gear – at the very least Hateful Gladiator's armors (purchasable on our PvP Honor Rewards page) and if your toon does not then it becomes an immediate uphill battle, which does not mean they cannot succeed, it just means that it will make your order much more difficult to complete. For any toon looking for arena items with an 1800 and above rating requirement, which includes Furious weapons and Furious armor sets, you will need at least 600 resilience, full Hateful Gladiator's armor pieces at the very least (Deadly or better is a huge plus) along with at least close to full Deadly or Titan-forged off pieces (wrists, belt, boots, rings, cloak, etc.) that are available for your class on this page. This resilience requirement is lower for classes/specs such as Rogues, Elemental Shamans, Feral Druids, Ret Paladins and Death Knights because these classes/specs can and are usually better in arena with a mix of PvE/PvP gear. As such, for these classes/specs you may have as low as 350 resilience as long as you have the equivalent PvE gear in other slots (Naxxramas 25+ gear). As for your weapon, our gamers recommend that you already have PvE raiding weapons from at the very least 25 Naxx weapons or Deadly weapons to make the climb past 1900 rating easier. If you are having trouble getting PvE items, please take a look at our Raid Service page.

Note: If you are ordering gear with a 2350 rating requirement (Tier 2 Relentless) Weapons, you would have to have Full Furious or better (or 350+ resil furious+ gear with equivalent PvE gear for rogues/ret pallies/feral druids/ele shamans/dks) and you would also have to possibly transfer your character to another server where our professional gamers play. This kind of rating cannot be achieved with partners randomly found on the server, it has to be played on two well-geared characters by two of our pro gamers.

We understand this is a service you are paying for but before any expectations are made on your order please make sure everything in the above requirements is checked off.

Personal Arena Rating Service Rules & Policies

  • We will NOT remove your pre-existing items and gold except the usage of bandages which are useful for certain classes during the arena match. If you are not the captain of an arena team, we will need to create a new arena team, thereby spending some gold.
  • We will NOT use bots or any type of automated programs to play your character. A professional arena gamer will be playing your toon to its highest potential in WoW Arena.
  • We may respond to incoming tells by fellow arena team members to achieve better coordination in arena matches unless directed otherwise by you.
  • Time table for an arena order is not something we can give until the gamers have done games and felt out the waters. Every toon, server, and battlegroup is different.
  • Team rating and personal rating are separate and it is not unlikely to have the personal below the team rating, it all depends on the opponents faced, if this happens to not be alerted it only means that the team rating will need to go up in order to get you your item.
  • This arena service is to help you reach the personal rating you order once. Once achieved, the service is complete and we will take a screenshot and email it to you. If you continue playing that same arena week and drop your personal rating, we are not liable to push your personal rating back up a second time.
  • If you do not have enough arena points or honor points to buy the PvP gear which requires personal rating, we are not required to keep playing your toon every week to maintain your ordered personal rating until you have enough points to buy the PvP item. We are only responsible to get you to your desired personal rating once.
  • Upon completion of the Personal Arena Rating service, please change your password as we are no longer responsible for it.